Explorium Exhibits

The Children’s Science Explorium presents its own hands-on science exhibits all year long. These exhibits are usually designed in-house and offer a fascinating variety of interactive components for our guests to explore and investigate at their own pace. The Children’s Science Explorium also hosts traveling exhibits from national and international science museums, in the fall and spring of each year. All exhibits are intended to spark a child or adult’s natural curiosity about how and why things work as they do. Each invites visitors to explore, build and examine their understanding of the fantastic world we live in!


Traveling Exhibits

Every year, once in the fall and once in the spring, the Children's Science Explorium brings in two brand new traveling exhibits to entertain kids and parents alike. These exhibits stay with the Explorium for about four months before they leave on their way around the country once more. Below, you will find the current and upcoming exhibits, as well as the dates for these exhibits..



~Opening September 2019~













Discover Your Story!

Join Tracey the pencil dog and her crew- Rooth, Drop, Inky, Uno, and Kari- on a fantastically immersive journey to create stories using art and science.

Dive into a world of storytelling and channel your creativity to develop your own animated production using storyboarding, sketching, stop-motion movie making, and more! The quirky cast of characters and hands on interactives break down the process step-by-step to reveal how animated features are created.

Animationland empowers visitors of all ages to experiment, learn, and tell their stories through animation.

On display September 1— January 5


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