D Leoce
August 1, 2018

Early Afternoon Explorers

These monthly, hour-long classes for home schoolers offer explorers a chance to participate in fun, social and educational science programs! Each month's lesson will focus on a different topic, with hands-on activities and immersive learning experiences.

Monday, Oct 8: Auditory Adventure!

Times & Ages:

1:00 pm for ages 6-9 years

2:00 pm for ages 10-12 years


Resident $10; Non-resident $12.50


Program Description:

This lesson is designed to help students understand that vibrations are responsible for the sounds we hear! They will also learn that sound vibrations can travel through different mediums.

Students will experience vibrations using several of their senses. For example, they'll feel the vibrations in their throat as they hum music, and on their lips as they play their straw kazoos. They'll also see that when a ruler is struck, the vibrations produce a sound, and when drums are hit, the sound has enough energy to make grains of rice bounce!


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