Grab 'n' Go Eco Packs

Grab a pack and set out to explore Sugar Sand Park! Backpacks are supplied with tools and materials to guide your family through an investigation of the plants, animals, and insects of the park.

Date & Time: Available for rent during normal Explorium hours

Ages: 5+ with parent/guardianGirls checking supplies in front of the nature trail

Cost: FREE!

  • Must be 18 or older to rent a pack.
  • Must provide a valid ID to be held during time of rental.
  • Packs are designed for individual use or a small group of up to 4 people.
  • All packs must be returned half an hour before the Explorium closes.
Pack Options:
  1. Bug Hunter (Beginner) – Bugs play an important part in every ecosystem. The park wouldn't exist if it wasn't for our smallest friends. So go take a look, search high and low. Try to find all the creepy crawlies and painted beauties hidden in plain sight. This kit includes maps of the trails, field guides, bug catching equipment and a fun Bug Hunter game.
  2. BI: Botanical Investigator (Intermediate) – This kit includes a fun scavenger hunt that will lead participants on an investigation of the parks native plants. These plants have developed some interesting ways to survive in different environments. As you search through the park for all kinds of plants, look at the ways that they have adapted to survive!
  3. Bird Sleuth (Advanced) – Bird watching is an exercise in observation and patience. Find a nice place and watch as the birds come in and out of view. By making observations, you can identify the birds and learn about their behaviors. You will be amazed how much you can learn just by watching. This kit includes all the materials and directions for a budding-bird watcher.
Tips for Using the Packs:
  • Remember to pick up and discard any trash into appropriate bins.
  • Release any living creatures (such as insects) back into their natural habitat unharmed after making observations.
  • If you aren’t sure what it is, leave it alone. Some plants and insects may be harmful (Example: Poison Ivy).
  • Check the list. Make sure all supplies are in the pack before turning back in.
  • Have FUN!

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