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Summer Science Camp



Science Camp offers your child an exciting opportunity to explore the world around us!

Campers entering grades 1-5 will experience a different science theme, consisting of three activities, each day. We will engage in tons of exciting experiments that will be sure to entice the curious mind of your budding scientist.

"Water, Water Everywhere" is the theme for rising Kindergartners. They will discover the wonders of water in our bodies, in the ground, in the air and more.

All camps are hands-on, and emphasize active learning and fun. Science Camp is comprised of eight one-week sessions, running from June 12 through August 4. Due to the popularity of the program and limited number of spaces, each child will only be permitted to attend one session of science camp per summer.

Registration for residents will begin Monday, March 6. Registration for non-residents will begin Monday, March 20. Register in person at the Sugar Sand Park Community Center front desk, or online through WebTrac.

Note: If you are not already a WebTrac user, you will have to register in person.

Cost: $107.00 - Residents (Registration begins March 6); $134.00 - Non-residents (Registration begins March 20)

Time: 9am-1pm daily. Extension programs are available through the Sugar Sand Park Community Center.

Sessions & Dates

Session Number


Grade Range


314011 A2

June 19 - 23

Entering Grades 1 - 2


314011 A3

June 26 - 30

Entering Grades 1 - 2

Open Availability

314011 A4

July 3 - 7*

Entering Grades 3 - 5

Open Availability

314011 A5

July 10 - 14

Entering Grades 3 - 5


314011 A6

July 17 - 21

Entering Grades 3 - 5


314011 A7

July 24 - 28

Entering Grades 1 - 2


314011 A8

July 31 – Aug 4

Entering Kindergarten

Limited Availability

*Camp will run as normally scheduled on Tuesday, July 4th.

Open House: After you register, mark your calendar for Open House on Saturday June 10, from 10am - 12pm. At Open House, your campers will pick up their camp uniforms and meet their counselors, while you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, and make sure your camper is ready to go on their first day.

REQUIRED Forms: There are four forms that all parents MUST submit for their children before they will be allowed to attend Science Camp. These forms include important information on your child's health, emergency contacts, and the adults authorized to pick up your child at the end of each day.

Click here to access the required forms!

If you intend on registering for the camp in person, please print the forms out and bring them with you, as this will help expedite the registration process.

If you register your child through WebTrac, please deliver these forms to the Community Center as soon as you can. All forms must be submitted for your child to attend Science Camp. Camper Preference forms must be submitted by June 10, 2017. We cannot guarantee all special requests, but we will do our best to accommodate requests made before the due date.

We appreciate your assistance in making Science Camp a fun, engaging and easy program for all!


Questions for your Camper!


Monday Theme: Pirates

Experiment 1: Density Pirates

  • What type of object would sink in water: wood or metal? Which would float? Why does one sink and the other float?

Experiment 2: Navigation

  • Can you name the 4 cardinal directions? Do you live North, South, East, or West of the Children’s Science Explorium?

Experiment 3: Cloud Viewers

  • Can you use your cloud viewer to tell me what kinds of clouds are in the sky right now?

Tuesday Theme: Engineering

Experiment 1: Spaghetti Structures

  • When building a structure, what is the strongest shape you can use?

Experiment 2: Hover Crafts

  • What is friction? Does your hovercraft create a lot of friction when it flies?

Experiment 3: Roller Coaster Science

  • What are two kinds of energy you experience on a roller coaster?

Wednesday Theme: Animal Adaptations

Experiment 1: Camouflage

  • Why do animals use camouflage?

Experiment 2: Amphibian Adaptations

  • What is an example of an amphibian? What makes amphibians different from other animals?

Experiment 3: Spider Gliders

  • How are spiders different fron insects?

Thursday Theme: The Joy of Fyling

Experiment 1: Unbeatable Beaks

  • How does the shape of a bird's beak affect how and what it eats?

Experiment 2: Chromatography Butterflies

  • Does chromatography mix or separate chemicals?

Experiment 3: Roto-Copter

  • What is one of the forces that affect an airplane's flight?

Friday Theme: Solar Science

Experiment 1: Star Jars

  • What is a constellation?

Experiment 2: UV Beads

  • What kind of light makes the beads change color? Can anything stop the beads from changing color?

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