April Make and Take:
Ecosystem in a Bottle!

D Leoce
March 30, 2017

Make and Takes

Drop in Science Crafts

Make something remarkable! We'll learn about science concepts by making a fun craft to take
home. This activity will take approximately 30 minutes and requires no pre-registration.

Program will run twice: first at 11:30 and again at 12; each session will last 30 minutes.

Cost is $5 per project. Arrive early as supplies are limited!

Sales for both sessions begin promptly at 11:30, at the classroom

Sunday, March 4th at 11:30am


Let's learn how different parts of habitats, like water, plants, soil, and animals, all  work together to create a working ecosystem!


We're making an

"Ecosystem in a Bottle!"




Please note that we will be working with living snails and roly-polys for this activity. They will be part of the craft and are to be taken home by participants. They will be inside of a closed ecosystem, and should require little to no care.


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